Gloves In A Bottle New Product Released!

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is now available in South Africa!

Gloves In A Bottle® is a shielding lotion that bonds with the outer layer of the skin forming what works as an invisible shield. Gloves In A Bottle® helps protect the skin from environmental irritants while helping the skin to retain its own natural oils and moisture. This makes it the perfect dry skin care product.

Until now, all one could do to alleviate a dry skin condition was apply conventional lotions (artificial moisture). These are designed to just temporarily mask dry skin by placing artificial moisture over the top of it.

Unlike artificial moisturizers, Gloves In A Bottle is a shielding lotion that bonds with the outermost layer of skin cells to turn it into what works like an invisible pair of gloves.

This shielding lotion is a non-greasy, non-sticky, hypo­allergenic, non-comedogenic and completely safe. Gloves In A Bottle® keeps the outer layer of skin functioning properly so it can breathe and perspire naturally.


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